This site was created by participants in the seminar “Approaches to the Modern City” at Georgetown University in Spring 2020 and Spring 2021. The course explored themes in the history of modern cities around the world. Each student chose one city to study over the course of the semester.

This project is part of the Georgetown Global Cities Initiative.

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  • Thumbnail for the post titled: Shanghai: An Introduction

    Shanghai: An Introduction

    Matthew Davis When I think of China, I think of its exceptional scale. It has the largest population in the world, the towering peaks of the Himalayan Mountains, the vast…

  • Thumbnail for the post titled: Bogota: An Introduction

    Bogota: An Introduction

    Cristian Gonzalez Bogota is a city of 8 million inhabitants placed in a metropolitan area of 9.5 million inhabitants that represents almost 30% of the whole GDP of Colombia. Today…

  • Waste

    Waste in Bogota

    Cristian Gonzalez Questions What have been the differences between public waste management and private waste management in Bogota? What are the roles of scavengers in Bogota in the waste management…

  • Squatter Cities and Megacities Week

    Bogota: a City of Refugees

    Cristian Gonzalez Questions Where do the poorest residents live in your city? How did they get there? Are there or were there in the past districts of housing built by…

  • Ordered Universe Week

    Bogota City Planning

    Cristian Gonzalez Questions Does your city have a single overall plan? When was it made and with what aims? How much was realized? Discussion The articles and books reviewed describe…

  • Thumbnail for the post titled: Singapore: An Introduction

    Singapore: An Introduction

    By Bobby Steer             Deliberate and calculated. After a semester of researching Singapore, these are the two words that stick out most when I think of the country. How could…

  • Thumbnail for the post titled: Wellington: An Introduction

    Wellington: An Introduction

    by Emily Mayrand I must begin this with the confession that I have (sadly) never been to Wellington.  My first real introduction to the city was in watching the vampire-comedy What…

  • Ordered Universe Week

    Wellington: The City as Ordered Universe

    QUESTIONS: Does your city have a single overall plan? When was it made? Was indigenous settlement taken into consideration? How or how not? _ _ _ _ _ _ _…

  • Natural Disaster and Disease Week

    Wellington: Natural Disasters

    QUESTIONS: How has your city been affected by natural hazards? What measures were taken to eliminate these problems or mitigate their effects, when?  _ _ _ _ _ _ _…

  • Tourism and Urban Branding

    Wellington: Tourism and Urban Branding

    QUESTIONS: In what circumstances did facilities and entertainments for travelers first appear in your city? How has tourism affected the city’s image or local economy? What’s the city’s brand or…